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Inspection Services Offered

4-Point Inspection: $94.95

This type of inspection reviews the 4 major systems of your home (roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC).

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

  • Electrical wiring and panels

  • Plumbing connections and fixtures

  • Roof

Wind Mitigation Inspection: $94.95

A wind mitigation inspection is used to determine how your home will hold up in the event of high winds such as during a hurricane and could result in a significant decrease to your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Your wind mitigation may result in a significant decrease on your premium for your homeowner’s insurance.

SAVE When You Get Both Inspections!

4-point AND Wind Mitigation Inspection: $149.95


Count on Home Inspection Service Professionals For Your Home Inspection Needs!

Home Inspection Services is one of the largest, most dedicated providers of residential home insurance inspections throughout Florida. With over 10 years of experience and more than 250,000 inspections completed, you can count on Home Inspection Services, LLC to be your trusted choice for Wind-Mitigation and 4-Point home inspections.

It has become common for most home insurance companies in Florida to conduct and require inspections for the homes they insure. And, while your inspection may be required by your home insurance carrier, there are benefits to having a home inspection too!

Home inspections provide a simple process that results in peace of mind knowing your home has the proper features or can help identify any issues your home may be experiencing and give you the opportunity to correct them before they become a bigger issue.

Plus, home inspections can also identify discounts and credits you may be eligible for on your homeowner’s insurance premium!  And, overall, home inspections help keep the cost of home insurance down for everyone!

Our experienced professionals provide first-class customer service in the field and over the phone. Call us today to discuss your inspection needs at 800-808-6550. Learn more about our inspection offerings now.